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Organizational Development and Talent Acquisition 

We specialize in Talent Acquisition by using innovative technological tools and managing human capital in organizations

HR Management 

Talent Acquisition for key roles positions 

Building Employer Branding

Management Development

Performing Executive Search 

Leading Employee Evaluation Processes


RampUp is a leader company in the field of organizational development. We specialize in performing sourcing & searches (executive searching) and managing the human capital in the organizations. By doing so, we create added value for our clients.



RampUp aims to be the leading executive search and management firm in Israel, leveraging its expertise in human resources and organizational development, in order to provide its customers with a significant business advantage over time.

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Our Services

  • Creating an assimilated resume (per position)

  • Interview preparation and coaching

  • Training and guiding using social networks for effective job hunting

  • Career management


Career Management

  • Development of organizational structure, departments, and interfaces

  • Development of an organizational compensation & benefits policy

  • Creating manager/employee development programs

  • Organizational Culture and Values Development

Organizational Development

Management Of Human Capital

  • Administrative and management support

  • Writing and implementing HR policy

  • Development of employee evaluation processes

  • Creating employee retention & engagement programs

  • Developing a talent management plan

  • Conducting satisfaction / organizational climate surveys

  • Managing employees from “hire to retire”



  •  Managing recruitment processes in Israel and abroad

  •  Finding “Pink Unicorns” - candidates for key and special positions

  •  Development of innovative recruitment channels

  •  Locating and recruiting talent

  •  Supporting negotiation processes


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